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Founder Calum Pryce-Tidd was lucky enough to grow up with a father and grandfather who both had a deep interest in anything automotive. His Grandfather has racked up over 250,000 miles on his Vincent Rapide maintaining the bike throughout his life and using it as his sole means of transport. His father has owned his Vincent since he was 19. These motorcycles have had a big impact on Calum and his route into motorcycles.

The family’s hands on approach to motorcycles, classic cars, boats, and aircraft plays a large influence in inspiring the aesthetic approach to design, a militant attention to detail and a desire to create great looking motorcycles that are made to be ridden.

Des joined deBolex shortly after the company was formed. A true perfectionist and master of his skills, Des has a background covering many areas of craftsmanship. His love for classic cars has kept him busy over the years so his route into motorcycle building came later in life but with a passion for all things mechanical and an impeccable eye for detail meant turning his hand to two wheels came naturally.

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deBolex Engineering

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